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 The roots of Light the Band's music come from a series of jam sessions between drummer Logan Tyler & guitarist Dan Guzman in the fall of 2011. Intense, loud, powerful, frantic.  The duo would loop samples while Logan played drums and Dan solo'd.  The chemistry was other worldly, but due to work obligations, Logan moved to Monterey in 2012.   Logan ran into Dan at a 7 Come 11 show about a year later, and the 2 re-kindled their music flames, returning to Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios where they first made vibrations.... The duo quickly sought out Santa Cruz bass legend James Tashnick, and the first version of Light the Band was formed.  Their first show was played December 5th, 2013, at the Crepe Place.  In early 2014, Logan & Dan both joined legendary Santa Cruz funk band 7 Come 11, and together with Light the Band, perfected their art of high-energy jamming.  Since creative differences led Logan & Dan to quit 7 Come 11 in Spring of 2015, Light the Band has become the main artistic output for the two.  Guitarist and Singer/ Songwriter Tim Gan joined the group in January 2015, and after Logan & Dan left 7C11, the band began to create their own style of psychedelic funk.  Shortly after Tim joined the group, saxophone player Christopher "Boa" Noonan began to also jam with the band.  He remains a close friend and active honorarymember of Light, whenever he can make it.  The band continued to tour and record as a 4 piece until June of 2016, when Santa Cruz keyboard legend Pat Blizinski joined the boys for a show at Bocci's Cellar.  The chemistry was undeniable and Pat was welcomed as the 5th member of the band almost immediately after. He solidified his place after crushing shows at Boom Boom Room and Slim's SF in July & August.  It's this incredibly potent, gumbo type mix of  Dan's blistering, out of this world solos, James' commanding bass lines and earth shaking grooves, Tim's ultra swank funk swagger, Pat's heavenly Hammond blazing through the mix and Logan's bomb-like pounding of the drums that give Light the Band their sound. Unfortunately, in June 2017, guitarist Tim Gan left the band to pursue other musical projects. Now a 4 piece again, the members all love the music they create with their entire beings.  Each note radiates emotions ranging from pure bliss to down right terror.  Their music is powerful and dynamic, funky and real, psychedelic in the old-school way, and filled with love.  There is literally nothing this band can't do.  Talking Heads? Pfunk? Scofield? Nugent? The Meters? James Brown? They do it all, complete with a full arsenal of original music.  Light the Band is the next Santa Cruz legend.  Be a part of history....

Light the Band in LtB Studios, Santa Cruz, CA

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The beauty and strength of Light the Band's music lies in the amazing chemistry of it's members. Click pictures below for more info on each member.

Patrick Blizinski - Hammond Organ, Clavinet, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Singer/ Songwriter, Composer
Christopher "Boa" Noonan - Saxophone, Boss Swagger, Spiritual Leader